Doesn’t THIS Just “Frost” You ?

The Obama & Co controlled TSA (“Transportation Safety Administration”) now demands either a full-body scan or a vigorous and intrusive “pat-down” (aka “sexual groping”) from all passengers boarding outbound planes in the USA. That is, everyone but the group that caused the reason for the illegal search in the first place. That would be Muslims, folks.

It seems that the Islamic terrorist-supporting and USA-based CAIR has decided that “their” people — those following the ‘religious’ practices that began the terror attacks in the first place and continue through today — must be exempt from these searches as it is against said ‘religion.’

Why does this sort of thing not surprise me? We need to call our representatives in congress, and DEMAND that ALL SCANNERS, other than metal detectors, BE REMOVED from airports, and DESTROYED. What is to stop them from putting them almost anywhere, if we don’t stand up against these DHS and TSA thugs?

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