WordPress Post title optimization to drive traffic to blog

Do you know that you could drive traffic to your wordpress site with two different titles? Platinum SEO plugin will help you in defining an additional title for every wordpress post/page.

Why does a wordpress post need two titles?

Most blogs’ traffic comprise of vistors from social media sites, other referring sites (including feed readers) and search engines. Post title has a huge role to play in attracting visits from all the above sources. 

Visitors from social media and other referring sites (including feed readers) tend to like interesting post titles that are appealing, short and sweet.One should be very creative in drafting titles for these visitors.Remember that these are human visitors and not automated bots.The title should tempt these human visitors and hence the focus, while drafting titles for these visitors from socia media sites, should be on creativity and not keywords.However it does not mean that the titles need not/should not include keywords.As long as the title is seductive, one need not worry about the number of keywords or even their positioning within such titles.Readability and creativeness matters a lot in drafting those killer titles. 

Search engines like google and yahoo are the other major source of traffic for any blog/website.Infact, for most blogs, these are the major sources of traffic.Unlike the human visitors from social media sites, it is the automated search engine algorithms that determine the volume of traffic from these sources.These search engine algorithms rank your post/page based on several offsite and onsite page optimization factors. Page title is again a vital factor that influences the ranking of the page.However the focus should be on keywords rather than creativeness, in drafting titles for search engines.One need not worry about whether the title is appealing or not but it should be ensured that these titles have the most important keywords and they appear as early as possible, within such titles. 

From the above it is clear that one cannot draft a single title to attract both these types of visitors.Unfortunately, wordpress lets you define only one title and automatically matches the post and page titles. 

post title optimization for social media visitors 

  However you cannot ignore either of these traffic sources.This is where wordpress plugins like Platinum SEO plugin, that provide a number of smart options for smart wordpress SEO benefits comes to your rescue. 

page title optimization for search engines 

  Platinum SEO helps you define the page title (title that appears within the title tag, in the page header) for your posts. So it will be ideal to optimize the post titles for the social crowd and use platinum SEO’s option to define search engine optimized page titles

This post is an example of what has been explained here.While I am using the title “Drive traffic to your blog post with two titles” for the social media crowd and subscribers, I use “WordPress Post title optimization to drive traffic to blog” as the title for search engines. 

Also read the importance of wordpress permalinks ( post url) in search engine optimization.

I started using this plugin on some of my sites a while back, and thought I would share it here on my blog. It appears to work very well, and once you figure it out, you should have no problem breezing through it on your posts and pages as well.

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