Ants Everywhere….

Freedle Pest Control Elk Grove – My Experiences as a Local Homeowner – by Jeff Bayer

I remember all too well when my wife and I became first-time homeowners here in Elk Grove.  It was a new house in a brand new housing tract, freshly carved from ground that had been cow pastures and grassland in the not-so-distant past, which of course in reality had been perfect pest breeding grounds.  We hadn’t  considered this, however, thinking that since it was a brand new home, there should be no real worries about household pest problems like termites, carpenter bees, roaches or mice… you know, things that live in and around “established” home areas.  In fact, I don’t even remember thinking too much about a “termite inspection”.

pest control elk grove picture of argentine ants

Click photo for more about argentine ants

Well, we forgot about the dairies just a few miles away that brought a continuous supply of house flies, and all the surrounding field areas harbored plenty of rodents like mice, rats, and a helping of cute little bunny rabbits that brought fleas and ticks into our sterile little neighborhood.  The creeks still had beavers in them too.

It didn’t take very long for the outside of the house to collect the normal amounts of common household pests like spiders, and the associated spider webs that gathered under the eves and around the vents in the garage wall.  By early summer, we had a black widow spider living in the garage that hid inside the air conditioner plenum every time you wanted to try to kill it.  I didn’t really want to resort to spraying poison pesticides like those found in common household pest control products right into the air that my family had to breathe, so I tried some sort of non-poisonous natural pest control product meant for ant, earwig or silverfish infestations.  It made the big black spider mad, but it didn’t seem to be in any way effective.  I think I eventually got it to run out of its hiding place so I could get  at it physically.

So we battled various species of household pests during springtime ( mosquitoes fostered by standing water ) and over that summer including wasps complete with polistes wasp nests along the fence line and under the eves, and we found out which insecticides worked best for a given situation, which chemicals were effective and which ones were not.

By fall, we had noticed colonies of argentine ants ( small black ants, sometimes called “sugar ants” ) that stink really bad if you squish them.  After the onset of cooler weather, we noticed a couple inside the house, probably scouts hunting for food and water, and at that point I knew we were already doomed.  Yep, once you see them in the house, you can rest assured you are going to soon be at war with them.  I knew enough to start cleaning up all possible food sources, put out the little red canisters of ant bait, and looked around the outside of the house for the beginnings of an invasion.

Well, it turned out that we were in fact, being invaded, and from several fronts at once.  It wasn’t just one ant colony moving in, there appeared to be at least a couple of different points along the foundation that were crawling with ants, and also a couple of other places where streams of ants were marching up the outside walls and into the attic, and these were already carrying the little white larvae with them.  They meant business.  In fact, now that I remember it, there were some that came into the garage along or through a small crack in the garage floor cement and had infested a large Rubbermaid  container of dog and cat food.  Of course, we had to throw away about 25 lbs of dog and cat food.

I sprayed chemical pesticides outside the house everywhere I saw the ants, and even around the doors, but I tried to use some natural cedar-based insect repellent spray on the pest infestations on the inside of the house, because I didn’t want my family to live in a poisonous environment, and I didn’t want it around our pets and fish either.  It seemed that no matter what, any effort I made to combat the onslaught was met with renewed determination on the part of the ants.

After more than a month of almost constant effort, I simply gave up, and with the recommendations of a few family and friends, we selected a professional pest control company who was trained to combat the pest control problem that we had, and who we felt would take our concerns for using only the types of insecticide sprays and powders and gels that would expose us to the smallest amounts of poisonous materials, as it was obvious that we needed to go after the ants inside the house using something a little stronger than what we were able to use.

The rest is history, as they say; the pest problem was eradicated almost immediately, and within a few days, we just didn’t see any more ants anywhere around our home.  That was then…

pest control elk grove polistes wasp picture

Click Image for More on Paper Wasps

Now we live in a different home here in Elk Grove, about three miles or more from our first home, and it, like it’s predecessor, was a new home on a fresh plot of land, cut from what was once farmland.  This time we knew better than to think we were not going to need professional pest control services for our new home.

Some time after moving into this, our second new home, we experienced what quickly became a severe argentine ant infestation, and we noticed a number of polistes wasps had begun to

build their paper nests under the eves and along our fence line.  The wasps could sting us and the ants were just unlivable.  We knew what we were up against, and being one house wiser, we called on someone we have personally known for many years, Bill Freedle, owner of Freedle Pest Control Elk Grove.

He answered our call within an hour or so with a courteous and straight forward phone call on which he asked us a few questions about our situation.  He set an appointment and met us at our home within a few days  (when we could be there) to discuss our needs, after which we decided to set up a regular service as part of an integrated pest management program.

Bill is both licensed to do the job and is also well-trained and very knowledgeable on how to properly get rid of ants, spiders, wasps, earwigs and many other common house pests.  Even rats or mice in the attic…  I’m sure by now he has pretty much seen it all.

If you are in need of reliable and very affordable pest control services here in Elk Grove, don’t hesitate to check them out… just look up the words Freedle Pest Control Elk Grove.

I just had to include this story about my experiences as a new homeowner some years ago all the way to the present time. If you’ve ever had an ant infestation in your home, you will identify with this article.

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