Smaller airports getting added security next year is all part of their plan

There are some reasons why smaller airports [ “smaller private planes”] are NOT the huge threat that TSA and willing accomplices such as Alan Conner, Glen Winn, Chien-tsung Lu make them out to be.

First off, ALL of those smaller airplanes, you know… the business jets all the way down to the smallest single-engine “prop-jobs”… are flown by pilots who DON’T want to commit suicide, for the most part. Even if they DID, any ideologically crazed pilot can ALREADY fly his aircraft, whether it is a 747 or a Cessna 150, into any building he wanted, at ANY TIME he wanted to… (and THERE’S NOTHING anyone can do to stop him) but WE DON’T – we’re not into that; and what is more, the flying public trusts us not to do it.

The pilot profession is HIGHLY REGULATED already, and where the Federal Government has not already placed “watchers”, we have always had each other (fellow pilots) to keep everyone honest. We don’t knowingly allow a pilot who has been drinking to fly, nor one we think might be some sort of threat. We understand the implications.

Pilots of “smaller”, private aircraft KNOW the people who get on our airplanes, and WE WON’T leave the ground if we DON’T.

The TSA, in my opinion, is a government agency designed to deprive Americans of their Constitutionally guaranteed, but God-given right to freedom of movement inside the boundaries of the country, and to make us feel like cattle, being pushed, herded and prodded onto and off of airliners, while masquerading as being some sort of protection from those who would attempt to harm us. Right now, they are merely trying to expand their reach, so you can’t escape their monopoly over YOUR freedom.

Lest anyone forget: Many politicians and some members of Obama’s cabinet including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other people who “make the rules”, or advocate FOR such rules — DON’T HAVE TO LIVE BY THEM… they only fly government provided or chartered aircraft dedicated to their own use [general public not allowed]. You WON’T see them in your local airline terminal getting their latex-glove-handed exams.

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