We Need to Start a War….

Chris Liu, you are truly a Patriot sir. I am an ATP employed by an airline here in California, and it is my opinion that TSA is either an overly bloated and very misguided bureaucratic quasi-police organization that has been co-opted by the interests of manufacturers of security equipment (and certain members of Congress and others in the federal government), or they are flat-out Jack Booted Thugs bent on bringing America to it’s knees, through compromise of our dignity, insults to our common intelligence, and in every other way possible – or maybe they are both.

Random checks at airport gates don’t work (they are wholly ineffective in making us any safer, since they can’t even catch a fraction of the potential perpetrators). Criminal profiling does work, but they’re too afraid of law suits. I suggest we start some lawsuits of our own.

How about we start with the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, and then go right on to the 2nd Amendment, since Mr. Liu was stripped of his right to bear arms in the form of a CCW permit by the Placer County Sheriff. Was the Sheriff upholding his oath of office, which is to support the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC – and so protect the people that elected him from Federal Thugs? Or was he doing the bidding of officials in the Federal Government, who have NO LEGAL RIGHT to interfere in the affairs of the County of Placer, unless he allows them – and such allowance can be revoked at any time. The Sheriff has a Constitutional DUTY to protect his constituents, as a separate and equal (equal, as in NOT INFERIOR) branch of government, and the ultimate firewall against harm to the citizens he swore to protect.

If you doubt what I am saying, I would refer to you to some case law on the subject of the Federal Government trampling the rights of the States and of the People:

Sheriffs Mack / Printz vs. The United States —> 1996 /97 Supreme Court case involving the Brady Bill…. But it went much further than just overturning the Brady Gun Ban…. The Supreme Court stated unequivocally at least 3 times that the states were “not subject to Federal direction.” — see http://www.sheriffmack.com

Justice Scalia wrote for the majority, stating, “The Federal Government may not compel the states to enact or ENFORCE a federal regulatory program.”

I see police and sheriff officials working in connection all the time in support of TSA regulatory programs; it happens all the time, every day, I am pretty sure, at our local airports.

We need to start a war; and the war needs to be fought in our courts against the Federal Government’s total disregard of the limitations on it’s own powers as mandated by the Constitution.

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