Rupert Murdoch is a CFR Member – Why are We so Surprised?

Probably the largest example of a blunder I have ever witnessed came from a so-called professional news organization. How FOX News expects America to buy this garbage is laughable. These supposed 29 most important people in America obviously were listening to another debate, or didn’t like Ron Paul as obviously most of the other 90 percent did. Ron Paul showed so much promise during the debates that it brought in a new sense of politics altogether, actually, referring to the United States Constitution like never before. Extremely refreshing from a United States presidential candidate. 

FOX News should be given the “Rubber Chicken of the Year” award for putting forth this obviously rigged side show. Who did these so-called news professionals expect would buy this garbage anyway? When only certain people are picked to speak as others are left out, fairness goes out the window

A fair focus group is a group consisting of a mix, not just a group coming from the Herman Cain camp. Obviously, these people all had a non Ron Paul agenda of some sort. The applause heard for Ron Paul’s answers goes to show you that FOX was scrambling to give us a faulty result. The billionaire that owns FOX News doesn’t want anybody elected unless he is big business oriented. 

Ron Paul’s first three answers, if implemented would have brought America back to a leading world position within a week. Hence, a big problem for the millionaires FOX News caters too. FOX News is obviously biased. 

Below is an example of the circus act by the so-called focus group. The first question asked by the no nonsense, instrument of political fairness, ring master is a real humdinger, see for yourself: 

Wow, do you think that might have been orchestrated just a bit? 

Herman Cain was the former chief of the Kansas City Reserve Bank. An arm of the Federal Reserve, a place where the fiat currency printing presses haven’t stopped running since 2008. This puts Herman Cain in the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout camp. TARP has done nothing except bring America to it’s knees.

His other big business accomplishments were that he was a former Coca-Cola business analyst. After leaving Coca-Cola he went to Pillsbury and eventually went to work for Burger King, at the time a subsidiary of Pillsbury, bringing his assigned region big profits. He became noticed and was given the CEO position over at Godfathers Pizza, at the time was another Pillsbury subsidiary bringing it profitability.

Eventually, he and a group of investors bought out Godfathers and he became the CEO. Earlier, he had been the President of the National Restaurant Association as well. This puts Herman Cain on the FOX News “A” list because of all of the big business accomplishments. Herman Cain’s past business ties has paid FOX News big business add revenues in the past; making Herman Cain a FOX News good guy, hence the wink and nudge. 

As seen below, Ron Paul looked like he was already the president of the United States taking care of business as seen below: 

You can judge for yourselves about how the other candidates held up. For posterity’s sake, we will post Ron Paul’s highlights up, as this is obviously the man that will show the world some American class. No longer bowing low to the enemies that want to take us down. All the other candidates involved here are basically phonies, only out to enrich themselves in some shape or form. The others are in no way qualified to fix Americas problems such as they are now.

This isn’t really rocket science, folks. This was no blunder…. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, is a current member of the CFR, (ref: ) and so anything Fox News intends to be broadcast, by whatever means, should be treated as suspect information, much like most other mainstream news organizations, who are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Elite. Fox News may have more truth in it than other mainstream news outlets, but one must realize the implications of CFR membership.

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