Why Our Background says DEFEAT SOPA / PIPA… | Elk Grove Business Net

We are pro­test­ing some of the lan­guage in these bills…

You may have heard that there is legis­la­tion pend­ing in the form of both a House Bill – H.R. 3261 (SOPA) and a Sen­ate Bill- S.968 (PIPA) that could have the ef­fect of com­plete­ly chang­ing the very na­ture of the free and open in­ter­net as we now know it, and ef­fective­ly creat­ing a huge pro­pagan­da mac­hine en­abl­ing those in­side and out­side our govern­ment to ac­complish whatev­er they wish, with­out re­cour­se. This is all under the guise of “pre­vent­ing pira­cy” and pro­tect­ing in­tel­lectu­al pro­per­ty, in­clud­ing pre­scrip­tion drugs. It is, howev­er, a poten­ti­al “stick in the eye” of our God-given rights to freedom of speech, press, and as­socia­tion, which our Con­stitu­tion so plain­ly guaran­tees to the peo­ple and to cor­porate en­tit­ies alike.

The House Bill claims it has Con­stitution­al aut­hor­ity under Ar­ticle I, Sec­tion 8, Clause 8, which reads: “The Con­gress shall have the Power to:… 8. Pro­mote the Pro­gress of Sci­ence and use­ful Arts, by secur­ing for li­mited Times to Aut­hors and In­ven­tors the ex­clusive Right to their re­spec­tive Writ­ings and Dis­cove­ries;”…. Folks, this is a smokescre­en to cover what the rest of the bill does, which is to in­demn­ify ser­vice pro­vid­ers, domain re­gistrars, etc, who “volun­tari­ly block ac­cess”, to sites, which in their sole dis­cre­tion (with­out court order), are in­fring­ing, or “end­an­ger­ing the pub­lic safety”!

I have taken the time to read most of the bills. I am not an at­torney, and I don’t fully un­derstand all the legal lan­guage of which H.R. 3261 and S.968 are made. I am re­ly­ing on the HR 3261 Bill Sum­ma­ry dated 10-26-2011 which states, in part:

“Re­quires on­line ser­vice pro­vid­ers, In­ter­net search en­gines, pay­ment net­work pro­vid­ers, and In­ter­net ad­vertis­ing ser­vices, upon re­ceiv­ing a copy of a court order re­lat­ing to an AG ac­tion, to carry out cer­tain pre­ven­tative measures in­clud­ing with­hold­ing ser­vices from an in­fring­ing site or pre­vent­ing users loc­ated in the Uni­ted States from ac­cess­ing the in­fring­ing site. Re­quires pay­ment net­work pro­vid­ers and In­ter­net ad­vertis­ing ser­vices, upon re­ceiv­ing a copy of such an order re­lat­ing to a right hol­der’s ac­tion, to carry out similar pre­ven­tative measures.

Pro­vides im­mun­ity from li­abil­ity for ser­vice pro­vid­ers, pay­ment net­work pro­vid­ers, In­ter­net ad­vertis­ing ser­vices, ad­vertis­ers, In­ter­net search en­gines, domain name re­gist­ries, or domain name re­gistrars that take ac­tions re­quired by this Act or ot­herw­ise volun­tari­ly block ac­cess to or end fin­an­ci­al af­filia­tion with such sites.

Per­mits such en­tit­ies to stop or re­fuse ser­vices to cer­tain sites that end­ang­er pub­lic health by dis­tribut­ing pre­scrip­tion medica­tion that is adul­terated, mis­bran­ded, or with­out a valid pre­scrip­tion.”

While it may be should be the right of a busi­ness to re­fuse to pro­vide ser­vices to en­tit­ies with which they don’t wish to do busi­ness for any rea­son, they should not be able to ar­bitrari­ly block ac­cess to an in­ter­net site with­out some sort of due pro­cess (equal pro­tec­tion under the law) for the site own­ers. This bill would allow site bloc­kage at the ser­vice pro­vider’s dis­cre­tion with­out legal con­sequ­ences or re­medy for the bloc­ked site own­ers. It gives them the ab­il­ity to take your site away, and they don’t have to give it back, and you can’t sue them even if they are wrong.

We, as fel­low small busi­ness peo­ple need to take a stand for what is right, and against those th­ings that are wrong; put our sac­red honor on the line, and let the chips fall where they may. If I lose busi­ness over writ­ing this, and tak­ing the per­son­al stand that I do, then so be it; I will be the strong­er for it, in any case. It is what it is: our elec­ted of­fici­als who con­tinue to allow this sort of ac­tion against the the peo­ple (and small busines­ses) in favor of large cor­porate in­terests (drug com­pan­ies and media com­pan­ies) should be dealt with ac­cording­ly.

I am urg­ing each and every one of our rea­d­ers here to educate them­selves on this sub­ject, and then to call their re­presen­tatives in both the Uni­ted States House of Re­presen­tatives and the Uni­ted States Sen­ate today, and tell them that you want them to stand up on the side of the peo­ple, the Con­stitu­tion of the Uni­ted States, and on our First Amend­ment Rights, in par­ticular. Tell them you want them to de­feat the SOPA and PIPA bills now pend­ing in the sys­tem be­cause, while they pro­tect the in­terests of what are in great measure, large cor­pora­tions, they also in­frin­ge on the rights of the peo­ple to en­gage one an­oth­er in a pub­lic man­n­er with­out re­cour­se against those who might have dif­fer­ing views. Tell them you want them to vote against any and all at­tempts to stif­le our freedoms.

Here is a quote from WikiPedia.org, who is stag­ing their own pro­test of these bills:

“The rea­l­ity is that we don’t think SOPA is going away, and PIPA is still quite ac­tive. Moreov­er, SOPA and PIPA are just in­dicators of a much broad­er pro­blem. All around the world, we’re see­ing the de­velop­ment of legis­la­tion in­ten­ded to fight on­line pira­cy, and re­gulate the In­ter­net in other ways, that hurt on­line freedoms. Our con­cern ex­tends be­yond SOPA and PIPA: they are just part of the pro­blem. We want the In­ter­net to re­main free and open, every­where, for every­one.”

There are bet­t­er ways to pro­tect in­tel­lectu­al and paten­ted pro­per­ty than to have in­ter­net ser­vice pro­vid­ers polic­ing the sys­tem at their dis­cre­tion with­out due re­cour­se.

– Jeff Bayer, Owner, Elk Grove Busi­ness Net


Owner of Elk Grove Busi­ness Net –


As a business owner who has it all on the line on the internet, I have taken a stand against SOPA / PIPA legislation as it currently exists as of the date of this writing. While there is nothing wrong with large corporations being what they ARE, it is what they are CAPABLE of that is what worries me. If they succeed in altering what individuals are allowed to post on the internet, then they are CAPABLE of altering EVERYTHING that is on the internet.

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