Propaganda On Americans


Nothing speaks more urgently to the creeping fascism of American politics than the assertion by our representatives, who apparently have never read a book on Germany in the 1930s-1940s or on the Soviet Union in the Stalin period, that forbidding DoD and the State Department from subjecting us to government propaganda “ties the hands of America’s diplomatic officials, military, and others by inhibiting our ability to effectively communicate in a credible way.” And mind you, they want to use our own money to wash our brains!

Our own government will soon be able to legally brainwash us, and use our own money doing it. The folks in Congress have been paid off by the elite, and now it is pay-back time. Call your Congressman, and ask if he or she voted for or against this bill, or the amendment itself. Then ask them if they have made any stock trades based on information about an upcoming bill that would affect the stock of any given company or industry. Ask them whom they get their investment information from.

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